At HV HIRE  We know that the maintenance of our equipment is the most important part to ensuring reliabity. Every time equipment is hired, it is checked and tested plus all compliance testing is conducted when due so that you can rest assured that the equipment will arrive working and in a highly presented state. Due to an overwelming desire of many of our customers  we have now impletement a maintenance and compliance program to ensure thier own machines are also keep in the best possible state of repair and complaince. Intially we thaught of these programmes would be taken up only by the smaller operations however, we are seeing more and more larger companies opting for our specialise services rather than have thier own staff utilised in these activities Ifn you would like to join the list of happy Clients using our maintenace services ..please call and we have someone find the right solution for you OUR Definitions Preventive Maintenance The primary goal of preventive maintenance is to reduce the possibility of equipment failure before it actually occurs. It is designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. This activity involves regular, routine cleaning, lubricating, testing, calibrating and adjusting, checking for wear and tear and eventually replacing components to avoid breakdown. The resources and extensive training of our staff ensures:   Plant and equipment is keep in its original condition as far as possible; Ensure correct operation and function of the plant and equipment; Identify and repair any minor faults found before they escalate in to larger faults that can affect the operation of the plant and equipment; Ensure maximum life cycle of plant and equipment; Minimise capital expenditure on replacement of plant and equipment; Ensure the Occupational Health and Safety requirements for the plant and equipment are meet, After determining what is to be done, the frequency of the task must be decided. A heavily used welder must be cleaned and checked more frequently than one which is used less often. The frequency suggested in the manufacturer's manual can be used as a guide, but the actual usage of the welder should determine the maintenance procedure required. Statutory Maintenance Statutory Maintenance is the maintenance of plant and equipment to meet statutory requirements. Companies in accordance with specific standards, acts and or regulations are required to: Test equipment with specific test equipment. Ensure test results are repeatable Ensure correct tagging / labeling of tested equipment Ensure personnel performing tests are trained and carry an up to date knowledge of the current requirements contained in specific standards, acts and or regulations Ensure the frequency of the tests Corrective Maintenance Corrective Maintenance is the repair of plant and equipment that has failed during preventative maintenance tests or has failed to meet Statutory Maintenance and therefore is not covered by the Preventive Maintenance Program / Contract. Usually this will mean: Extensive fault analysis of the plant and equipment failure is required. plant and equipment will be returned to the authorised workshop for repair Plant and equipment will be restored to its original condition as far as practicable after the repair.
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