Hunter Valley Welding Hire offer an extensive range of services, carried out by our highly trained mobile site service and workshop teams.

These services include:

Equipment Repairs

Corrective maintenance is the repair of plant and equipment that has failed during preventative maintenance tests or has failed to meet statutory maintenance and therefore is not covered by the preventative maintenance program / contract.

Usually this will mean:

• Extensive fault analysis of the plant and equipment failure is required.

• Plant and equipment will be returned to Hunter Valley Welding Hire workshop for repair

• Plant and equipment will be restored to its original condition as far as practicable after the repair

Eg. Meg Test, Test & Tag

Statutory maintenance is the maintenance of plant and equipment to meet statutory requirements.

Companies in accordance with specific standards, acts and/or regulations are required to:

• Test plant and equipment with specific test apparatus

• Ensure that plant and equipment are meg tested, calibrated and test & tagged

• Ensure that test results are repeatable

• Ensure correct tagging / labelling of tested plant and equipment

• Ensure personnel performing tests are trained and carry an up to date knowledge of the current requirements contained in specific standards, acts and or regulations

• Ensure that the required frequency of tests is carried out

• Ensure that all equipment is entered into an asset register, allowing for clear and concise reporting and asset management

Welding Equipment Validation

Our ArcValidator is a systemic and accurate validation solution that links both workshop and office-based process, meeting both local quality control and national validation standards requirements to IEC EN 60974-14. What the ArcValidator does is streamlines the validation process, taking the manual way of testing welding machines & components to be within the correct parameters, erasing human error of manually testing tolerance limits.

Benefits Of Using ArcValidator:

• Fast and accurate with all welding machine makes & models - this means HVWH will have your machine back, tested & ready for work, a lot faster than our competitors.

• Automated process - accuracy unrivalled, manual testing wont compete.

• Supports IEC 60974-14 standards requirements.


The primary goal of preventative maintenance is to reduce the possibility of equipment failure before it occurs. This activity involves regular, routine cleaning, testing, calibration and adjusting, checking for wear and tear and eventually replacing components to avoid breakdown.

The resources and extensive training of HVWH staff ensures:

• Plant and equipment are kept in as close as possible original condition

• Ensure correct operation and function of the plant and equipment

• Identify and repair any minor faults before they escalate into larger faults that can affect the operation of the plant and equipment

• Ensure maximum life cycle of plant and equipment

• Minimise capital expenditure on replacement of plant and equipment

• Ensure the occupational Health and Safety requirements for the plant and equipment are met


Hunter Valley Welding Hire’s mobile service team are fully equipped to carry out on-site gas testing to ensure that your gas kits are reliable, safe and tagged ready for work!

This service includes:

• Barcoding all equipment to build a detailed register

• Testing flashbacks and gas equipment in accordance to AS 4603-1999

• Clear and concise reports for asset management and detailed service history


Hunter Valley Welding Hire can also offer Mechanical services with a Fully Licenced Mechanic to support your Diesel Powered ,Welding , Power Generation and Compressor equipment repairs to compliment Electrical services repairs to become “Your One Stop Shop” for all your Major repairs.

Some Examples of current jobs in progress;

• Diesel Engine and Air compressor Direct & Belt Driven Servicing \Replacement

• Lincoln Air Vantage motor replacements with billet cams head recondition etc

• Miller Air Pack motor repairs ,Electronics & Services

• Diesel compressor engine and final drive services

• Site service trucks& cars  clutch & brake services

• Replacement of Common Faults alternators ,starter motors and water pumps

So for any of your service problems contact Hunter Valley welding hire your Problem solvers. 


HVWH have engaged in a Joint Venture, now with the capacity to supply professional qualified labour, e.g. Boilermakers, Pipe Fitters, Machinists, etc. to support fabrication workshops & major shutdowns when extra staff is required.

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