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Safety is compromised when drilling holes. Time pressure on jobs lead to short-cuts being taken as additional processes and equipment is needed. Reliable power supply is required to have the drill magnetized to safely attach to steel. Job sites have a wide range of steel thickness in various forms of application. It is the thin steel purlins or RHS etc... that traditional metal drills fail, simply because their magnet cannot adhere to the thin material securely. Time (and money) are spent to ensure safe usage of drills by having to use secondary clamps, straps, chains or additional counter magnets.

The new, unique Magnex Drill provides improved safety by using a powerful magnet that does not need a power supply to work. It adheres to even the thinnest steel sheets or beams allowing:

• Safe working environment - magnet adheres without power supply.

• Increased efficiency not having to use secondary clamps, straps, chains or additional counter magnets - less time is spent getting the job done.

• Wider range of application from 1.6mm+ steel - whatever steel you’re facing the Magnex will adhere to it.

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